Dave Purnell has been elected Chairman of the club for the next two years

We will be applying to the league to add a B team for the Senior Citizens League

We have a number of bowlers in other clubs who have committed to joining Llysfaen next year if we can add a B team and several extra players within the club and in the village who will be available to play on Tuesday next year so we will apply to the league in January to add a B team again. We have had a B team up until last year and need to do this for the club to grow again. We need all the support we can get to make this a success. Colin Stevens has kindly offered to be Captain of this team if we apply successfully.

Thursday Friendlies

We have also decided to join the group of clubs that host friendlies on Thursday afternoons at 2pm. This is an exciting new initiative which gives a chance to have some bowling experience in a social bowling environment instead of match play so is perfect for starter bowlers as well as more experienced bowlers who just want a more laid back sort of day. They are a lot of fun and enable bowlers to grow toward involvement in leagues in the future.


The details of upcoming fixtures are will be shown once available some time in February.

Coaching Sessions on Mondays

There will be coaching available to any player not just members to aid all levels of experience. We have some trained coaches internally but will also invite more experienced coaches to supplement this. Times will be decided later so watch this space!

We are going to invite U3A groups to play at Llysfaen.

There are several U3A groups which have bowling classes in our area and we will talk to them about arranging some of their classes at Llysfaen. Often these involve people new to bowling and could be a great source of recruitment.

Keys to the toilet block

These are available to every member on the payment of a £10 refundable deposit. This is essential as we are required to control every key. There will be a lockbox in the toilet block containing a key to the clubhouse also. The area where we keep the green chemicals will be partitioned off.

In House competitions

Two in house competitions will be arranged early next season spaced a month apart. If participation in these is high other competions will be arranged each month throughout the season.

Match with Liverpool

This has been arranged for 1pm start on Saturday March 24th. Charlie said up to 30 players may be coming so we may even plan to start earlier but our members need to be prepared to support this and we will arrange food and have a great day I am sure.

Subscriptions 2018

The meeting agreed to fix the subscriptions at £25 per adult and £10 for each junior with a minor adjustment. New members who have a partner who wants to play can have free membership for their partner for next year only as long as they play full membership for themselves.The form to download has been updated for this.

Pre-Season Meeting Monday 8th March 2018

The clubhouse will open on this day from 10am to accept subscriptions by cheque or cash for all members. Please make every effort to turn up on this day or make other arrangement to make sure your subscriptions have been paid including any key deposit by the start of the season at the end of March. There will be a meeting at 7pm that evening to get the season started.