saturday team

The Saturday Team Captain is Gwyn Evans who has been regular player on all of the teams this year and with the club for most of its life. Gwyn also helps out with maintaining the green. The league is The North Wales Coast and includes players of all ages and 10 members to each team. It involves more travelling than the other leagues sometimes as far as Anglesey and beyond Caernarfon. The team is presently in the C Division of this very competitive league and will finish either fourth or fifth this season out of 12 teams. There were no Cup competitions in the league this year.

The team finished a very respectable 4th out of 12 this year so will remain in Division C. The standard is still quite high so only experienced players can expect to play regularly but there are always openings for such players as it is often a struggle to field a full team especially with the travel involved for away games. There were 20 players who played this season though it is unlikely we would add a B team next year. All the players for this team can be seen using this link.

Table and Fixtures for the Saturday A team in 2018

Christine Purnell and John Clutton and Paul Morris topped the team averages table and came 4th, 7th and 10th respectively in the Division averages , an extraordinary result for any team so well done all!